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Lifespan Integration

Lifespan Integration therapy is based on the hypothesis that much psychological dysfunction results from insufficient neural organization. Due to trauma or neglect experienced during childhood, there may be a lack of connectivity between isolated neural networks which represent separate selves and self-states.


The therapy relies on the innate ability of the body-mind to heal itself. It promotes rapid healing in cases of difficult childhood experiences or recent or past trauma. It is a very gentle method which works on a deep neural level to change patterned responses and outmoded defensive strategies. The therapist guides the client to imaginally re-visit this past memory, bringing into the past whatever is needed to resolve the memory. After the memory is resolved the client is led through a timeline of visual images of scenes from the clients life right up to the present. This 'proves' to the client's bodymind system that time has passed and that life is different now.







After several sessions of Lifespan Integration Therapy people have reported that they feel better about themselves and about life, are more self accepting and less anxious and stressed.



Disclaimer:  All information and services from my work are not a substitute and/or to replace any and all medical advice or supervision from your physicians/health care providers.

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