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Tania Rose, MA, CHt

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
                                                                - Rumi 

Welcome to my practice!!!

I have always been fascinated about how our childhood's beliefs and upbringing  with positive or negative experiences can influence our self-esteem and personalities.  My own personal challenges and talents, along with being born and raised in Mexico City, led me to the fields of psychology, counseling, spirituality, art and aviation.   


Many people are not aware of their disconnection from their body which holds onto painful, unresolved memories that are no longer serving them.  Through Transpersonal Counseling, Hypnosis, Mindfullness, Dream Work, Lifespan Integration, Reiki, Theta Healing, Ecotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique-EFT, Energy Healing, Meditation and Expressive Arts, I have observed how the real self emerges. We can leave behind negative thinking transforming old behavior patterns into a happier self.  


Serving for several years as a transpersonal  counselor and transformative artist, I have had the opportunity to help people create self-awareness in many aspects of their lives.  I have guided individuals to deepen their awareness of their physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual beingness. My background in art, psychology, hypnosis, spirituality and aviation have provided me with the insight on how to connect with the lost child within us. (an alternative to inner child – a cliché).  Why do I include aviation?  Because it gave me the insight of how when I was flying an airplane by myself, I could observe everything from above like a bird in flight connecting to my playful inner child realizing that life is a gift.  It helped me to realize that we don't have to dwell in the past  and that we can move forward flying and rising above our own stories.  


We can overcome our personal limitations with awareness and courage. I strongly believe that people have the capacity to heal if they truly have the desire for it.  It is possible  to come back to our original essence which is free, peaceful and happy.  We can extend beyond the usual limits of ego and personality.  


I hold degrees in Psychology, Arts and Conciousness and Transformative Arts from Ottawa University in Phoenix, AZ and John F. Kennedy University, in Pleasant Hill, CA .  I am a certified Hypnotherapist and an Art for Healing Practitioner.  I am also an international contemporary artist and a commercial pilot.  In the Aviation field, I held positions as a Charter, Corporate and Cargo Pilot as well as Flight Instructor.

I am looking forward to help people that want to heal and want to reconnect with their inner passion and their inner being. 


I had the chance to experience one of Tania’s Intuitive Reading Healings. Not only is Tania a commercial pilot and very accomplished artist, but she has the gift of insight when working with clients. She brings a number of healing elements into her work, making it a powerful and transformative experience – with lasting change.

Caroline Sutherland – author of The Body Knows

































Teaching and empowering her clients to actualize their full potential, Tania brings a broad perspective and solid counseling skills to all of her work.

Maria Torres - School Teacher

Disclaimer:  All information and services from my work are not a substitute and/or to replace any and all medical advice or supervision from your physicians/health care providers.

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"The Body Knows" by Caroline Sutherland, Sugar, Carbs and Candida

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